ChronosHub and Lehmanns Media Offer Complete Service for Open Access Management

Cologne/Copenhagen, November 26, 2020 – Open Access publications play an increasingly important role in academic publishing. However, the many different OA models, complex policies, and intransparent contractual relationships lead to significant manual work and high costs for researchers, universities, funders, and publishers.

ChronosHub is the leading OA management platform, which takes a collaborative approach to effectively streamline the workflow for all stakeholders involved, thereby creating transparency. ChronosHub handles invoicing and payments of APCs and consortia agreements as well as ensuring compliance with funder policies. The funders and institutions do thereby get access to all needed data and analytics directly on the platform.

Lehmanns Media is one of the leading specialist information and library service providers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The in-house agency, “siz,” manages over 50,000 international subscriptions, databases, and licenses for its customers and has specialized sales and customer service.

ChronosHub and Lehmanns Media are now offering all customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland a complete service for Open Access management. Based on the market-leading platform ChronosHub, Lehmanns Media ensures frictionless customer service with short, direct lines of communication for authors, libraries, funders, and publishers.

“The management of Open Access publications is our contribution to creating an efficient Open Access world. As an intermediary, we feel just as responsible for a great OA service as for the classic subscription business. With the ChronosHub collaboration, we can bridge an important service gap for our customers. We now see ourselves as the first point of contact for our customers for all open access topics,” says Detlef Büttner, Managing Director of Lehmanns Media, putting the new collaboration into context.

“We are very pleased to work with Lehmanns Media to simplify the publications management processes in general and for Open Access in particular, all in close collaboration with institutions, publishers, and funders,” says Christian Grubak, CEO of ChronosHub. “We need all stakeholders on board, as it’s only together, we can solve our challenges.”

About ChronosHub:

Headquartered in Copenhagen, ChronosHub is an online platform that meets the need of all stakeholders in the research community. ChronosHub supports authors to select suitable journals for their manuscript submissions by making funding policies and institutional agreements transparent. Through a collaborative approach, ChronosHub streamlines the workflow for publishers, funders, and institutions for effective APC management, funding policy compliance, repository deposits, and reporting with unique insights without costly administration. More than 30,000 authors are currently using ChronosHub, 12,000 articles have already been processed for compliance, and APCs worth over €16 million have been paid.

About Lehmanns Media:
Lehmanns Media GmbH is one of the leading specialist information providers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. With decades of experience, Lehmanns Media provides a wide range of specialized services for media procurement and use for different target groups, including libraries, clinics, companies, and the public sector. In addition to specialist bookshops in 14 cities in Germany, Lehmanns Media operates a publishing house with publications on human medicine, veterinary medicine, IT, natural sciences, humanities, and business.

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