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ChronosHub is the leading Open Access Management System (OAMS) for streamlining the end-to-end publishing workflow for institutions, publishers and funders, with a focus on unburdening the researchers. Through a collaborative approach, ChronosHub ensures a complete service for all aspects of Open Access. This includes an effective management of publishing fees, OA agreements, funder policy compliance, repository deposits, and reporting. ChronosHub also supports authors in selecting suitable journals for their manuscript submissions by making funding policies and publisher agreements transparent.

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You are ready to publish, but you don’t know where or under what conditions? The journal finder includes about 45,000 journals and enables you as an author to see for each journal if it is compliant with your funder’s open access policy and what the conditions are based on your institution’s agreements. You can also submit to many of the journals directly through ChronosHub. Upon acceptance, ChronosHub supports you so you don’t need to worry about compliance issues, payments or reporting back to the funder or your institution.

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You find it burdensome to manage approvals on different publishers’ OA dashboards? In ChronosHub, you can manage your approvals, APC payments, compliance checks and reporting in one place across all publishers, while we ensure you get the data you need into ChronosHub. You can also re-use the data to automate repository deposits. In this way, we can stay focused on unburdening the researchers together, and you can spend time on reporting and negotiations instead of manual routine work.

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You have institutions that demand an OA approval dashboard and you spend too much resources on managing OA agreements and billing & collection? ChronosHub serves to optimise your author experience from end-to-end. You can provide a submission portal to all your journals, making your institutional agreements transparent, and automate license management, billing & collection, approvals and OA agreement monitoring. You can thus better service your customers at the same time as you reduce internal costs.

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You want to facilitate for your grantees to comply with your OA policy, pay for their APCs or report back on their grant outputs? In ChronosHub, each article coming out of your grant funding gets collected and automatically checked for compliance with your policy. ChronosHub can also manage all your APC payments and automate the approval process. You can also see continuously up-to-date reports on all outputs and payments, e.g. for each of your grants at any given time, without having to ask your grantees for a report.

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