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Optimizing the Author Experience & Revenue Streams

ChronosHub provides a one-stop journal overview and seamless submission to any known submission system. Authors benefit from seamless license management where institutional agreements and journal conditions are transparent, and the recommended license agreement can easily be signed online. Dynamically, the platform guides authors through the payment and voucher or R&P quota approval process.

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Journal Finder & Compliance Checker

A publisher-branded submission portal to all your journals.
Authors indicate their funding source and search and filter journals based on subject categories and many other criteria. The Journal Finder flags journals offering a compliant route and displays APCs and any institutional agreement conditions, including vouchers, discounts, etc. The module is highly customizable making the search and filter selections ideal for your journals.

License Management

License agreement management made easy.
The compliance check includes articles accepted for publication (OA & non-OA) and assists the author in signing a correct and compliant license agreement online, in line with applicable funder and institution policies and agreements.

APC Processing & Approval

Pass information, send the invoice, or raise the invoice and manage the collection and reconciliation of the accounts directly.  
Waivers, discounts, vouchers, R&P agreements determine final invoice amount and funder policies and institutional or consortial OA agreement regulate to whom the invoice or approval request should be forwarded. Funders and institutions or consortia can approve invoices in the Approval Dashboard, where administrators can approve articles for payment, or agree to count them towards an institution’s OA agreement quota. Alternatively, institutions and funders can do approvals via ChronosHub’s API (e.g. directly or through ChronosHub’s integration with the OA Switchboard).

APC Billing & Collection

Collect payments by credit card or invoice from authors, institutions, and funders and automate reconciliation of the accounts.

Publishers can use ChronosHub for issuing invoices to the correct party based on agreements and policies, or charge by credit card and collect payments in most currencies. The invoicing process is customizable to meet needs and existing workflows, and often includes integrations with CRM, finance and production systems. The APC billing & collection module includes chasing payment with automated email reminders.

Data & Reporting

Continuous access to data for integrations and reporting, internally and towards customers.
Get access to reports for monitoring outputs, payments and OA agreements. The dashboard provides all platform data, and it’s possible to run a variety of reports e.g., article output per grant ID, institution unit, subject area, OA type, etc. over time and including all amounts (APCs, discounts, pages charges, etc.).

What others say about us

We are constantly looking for ways in which we can make the pathway to publishing easier for authors and support their open journey. This is one way in which we can remove some of the time and complexity that otherwise burdens the researchers’ already busy lives. We are committed to making routes to publishing more accessible and simpler, promoting discoverability and opening up opportunities for more voices to be heard within the research ecosystem, and this partnership with ChronosHub is a great step along this journey.

- Shelley Allen, Head of Open Research at Emerald Publishing

"We are regularly evaluating ways to ease the path to publication for our authors and improve their experience with Open Access. With ChronosHub, we can support the different Open Access business models in a flexible way and ensure access to all the data and analyses that authors and their institutions need. It also allows us to successfully continue to strive for our “Open for Open” principle.”

- Andre Janssen, COO at Karger Publishers

Case Study – Emerald Publishing

Optimizing the Author Experience

The video case study highlights the key challenges Emerald Publishing, and certainly most publishers, are facing in their efforts to transition to Open Access. The focus is on unburdening researchers and ensure an optimal author experience along the end-to-end publishing workflow.