Meet the Team

Meet the Team
  1. Meet Our People

    1. Christian Grubak

      Christian founded ChronosHub in 2018 to deliver innovative technology and business solutions to support the scientific and academic publishing community. 

      Founder & Co-CEO

    2. Marianne K. Knudsen

      Marianne joined ChronosHub to help drive a customer centric approach and culture, and support with unique solutions in the scientific and academic publishing community. 


    3. Camilla Ebbesen

      Camilla is a key enabler of our high customer satisfaction and loyalty. Her team can help you with Open Access and support your end-to-end workflow on our platform.

      Head of Customer Care

    4. Martin Jagerhorn

      Martin leads our collaboration with institutions, publishers, research funders, and technology partners across the ecosystem engaged in scientific and academic publishing. 

      Head of Business Development

    5. Romy Beard

      Romy is specialized in the academic online publishing industry, with a focus on publisher relations. And she’s one of our key experts in Open Access publishing terms. 

      Publisher Relations & Business Development Manager

    6. Vivi Billesø

      Vivi has extensive knowledge of building brands and online presence covering all steps, from when content is produced until it’s published, managed, and turned into great insights. 

      Head of Communication & Marketing

    7. Snorri Valberg

      Snorri is responsible for our end-to-endplatform development. He loves cloud computing, web services, and agile. His team delivers our unique and innovative solutions.

      Head of Back-end Development &
      Lead Architect

    8. Michael Bille

      Michael advocates customer experience and ease of use. He’s works outside-in with end-users’ ideas and needs and knows what it takes to deliver a unique user experience. 

      Head of Front-end Development

    9. Laura Davidson

      Laura has several years of experience working in Higher Education as both a lecturer and an administrator. There’s not a question she can’t answer about Open Access and our platform.

      Customer Care Specialist

    10. Christine Otzen

      Christine can help you find your way through Open Access and our platform. She’s a fantastic problem solver, and there’s not a problem she cannot solve. 

      Customer Care Specialist

    11. Anthony Arena

      Anthony is fascinated with user-driven software development. He believes in frameworks and the end-to-end opportunities for optimization that our platform delivers. 

      Senior Back-end Developer

    12. Marius Sibajevas

      Marius is passionate about modern software development practices. He's always on the look-out for new technologies and approaches that can make a difference for our users. 

      Back-end Developer

    13. Ida Sofie Reher

      Junior Digital Communications Specialist

    14. Ariana Krasniqi

      Ariana is driven by the principles of easy to read and understand. She works across our entire ecosystem within the scientific and academic publishing community. 

      Digital Marketeer

    15. Sophie Neerup Larsen

      Sophie is passionate about design of unique user experiences and interfaces on our platform. She engages with our users to better understand their dreams and challenges.

      UX/UI Designer

    16. Sölvi Pálsson

      Back-end Developer

    17. Kaare Dehn

      Accounting Consultant

  2. Meet Our Board

    1. Ulrik Monberg

      Chair person of the Board

    2. Lars Torpe Christoffersen

      As an entrepreneurial investor, Lars is committed to hands-on management and building strategic partnerships to secure efficient value creation for customers and partners. 

      Investor and Special Advisor

    3. Torben Frigaard Rasmussen

      With an extreme passion for building start-ups and ability to utilize new technology, Torben has enabled a range of companies to revolutionize traditional industries. 

      Investor and Board Member

    4. Jørn Jensen Holm

      Jørn is deeply engaged in business development and financials operations, and contributes with years of experience from operations across Europe.  

      Investor and Board Member