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Journal Finder

Guide your researchers to select suitable journals for their manuscript submissions.

Your branded journal finder makes it transparent to authors which publisher agreement conditions you’ve negotiated for each journal, and which publishing options the journal offers that are compliant with their funders’ policies. The authors can also do submissions through ChronosHub for many of the journals and save time through pre-populated forms.

APC Management

Automate your APC management.

ChronosHub enables authors and administrators to submit invoices per email or get invoices directly from publishers. Through a fully automated process, invoices get scanned, ingested, structured and checked for funding eligibility, saving everyone from otherwise very time-consuming manual work. Approvals across all publishers are easily managed on a single dashboard with notifications to the authors, and payments supported through connected deposit accounts. All data is available for reporting and reuse. 

Agreement Monitoring

Get on top of your publisher agreements.

Article metadata is ingested into the ChronosHub platform via different routes, providing institutions with a comprehensive overview of all their articles per agreement in one place. All data is directly available for reports and reuse. This puts the institution in the driver’s seat to manage quotas and negotiate better deals with publishers.

Repository Deposits

Automate the data population of your Institutional Repositories and CRIS-systems. 

ChronosHub collects full-text (Author Accepted version of the Manuscripts or Version of Record depending on OA type) and meta-data from publishers and authors. This includes integrations with online sources and local systems, to unburden the researchers and administrators from the time-consuming data collection, entry and validation.

What others say about us

At the University of Lausanne, we strive to support our researchers by streamlining and simplifying Open Access processes. Our ultimate goal is to make Open Access publishing so simple that administrative issues would no longer play a role in it. We want to give our researchers the possibility to focus on their research, and managing Open Access with ChronosHub should help us achieve just that.
Dr. Micaela Crespo Quesada, Open Access Coordinator at the University of Lausanne

An important part of our vision is that our staff and students should thrive at Wits in that we drive innovation throughout the University, and excellence should underpin everything that we do. With ChronosHub, we have found the platform and partner we need to fulfill that promise seen to our publishing and reporting processes. Effective open access management is key to securing our researchers’ success in this rapidly evolving research ecosystem. It’ll save significant staff time, optimize our funding from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), and keep our publishing expenditure under control.

Dr. Robin Drennan, Director Research and Innovation at Wits University

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