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Journal Guide

Guide your researchers to select suitable journals for their manuscript submissions.

Make your researchers happy. And let them spend their time on research. This module will guide them through journal selection, make agreements visible, check funder policy compliance, and much more. Trust us, they'll love you for access to these features. 

APC Management

Automate your APC management.

If less manual work sounds good to you, this is the module for you! Through a largely automated AI-process, invoices get scanned, ingested, structured, and checked for funding eligibility. It ends up in one single approval dashboard for all publishers where you can easily decided if it should get paid or not. And don't worry - if you want, we'll handle the payment for you too.  

Agreement Monitoring

Get on top of your publisher agreements.

Tired of spreadsheets? We got you - and all kinds of agreements. Monitor all agreements with all publishers in one place and keep track of your quotas and discount across your different cost centres (or internal org units). With this module, you can easily report on key data points with dynamic reports or our API - we'll even enrich meta-data for you automatically. 

Full-Text Deposits

Automate your full-text deposits into your institutional repository or CRIS-systems. 

We know. This one is tricky. Don't worry. We integrate with repositories/CRIS systems to automate data population. No more burdening researchers and admins with time-consuming data collection, entry, and validation. And you know what? We can also use the integration for authenticating authors, full-text collection, and more. Our AI-scanning got you. 

I'm ready to deliver on my open acccess strategy

Let us show you what we've got! Don't wait. Book a demo today and get a front-row seat. Our experts will guide you through every step of the process, so you can see for yourself how our platform can transform your business.

ChronosHub allows you to

  1. Unburden researchers
  2. Eliminate manual work
  3. Reduce operational cost
  4. Avoid maintenance

What others say about us

At the University of Lausanne, we strive to support our researchers by streamlining and simplifying Open Access processes. Our ultimate goal is to make Open Access publishing so simple that administrative issues would no longer play a role in it. We want to give our researchers the possibility to focus on their research, and managing Open Access with ChronosHub should help us achieve just that.
Dr. Micaela Crespo Quesada, Open Access Coordinator at the University of Lausanne

An important part of our vision is that our staff and students should thrive at Wits in that we drive innovation throughout the University, and excellence should underpin everything that we do. With ChronosHub, we have found the platform and partner we need to fulfill that promise seen to our publishing and reporting processes. Effective open access management is key to securing our researchers’ success in this rapidly evolving research ecosystem. It’ll save significant staff time, optimize our funding from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), and keep our publishing expenditure under control.

Dr. Robin Drennan, Director Research and Innovation at Wits University

Publishing Journey

Supporting +230,000 licensed users
Processing +150,000 articles every year
An NPS of 84.1 based on more than 400 responses
Trusted to manage +10 million euros in APCs yearly

Contact us

Head of Business Development at ChronosHub
Martin Jagerhorn

Martin leads our collaboration with institutions, publishers, research funders, and technology partners across the ecosystem engaged in scientific and academic publishing.

Martin Jagerhorn

Business Development Consultant (UK-based) at ChronosHub
Jan Rylewicz

Jan is passionate about scholarly publishing’s move towards Open Access and a more equitable, knowledgeable world. He thrives on helping UK-based institutions succeed in their OA journeys.  

Jan Rylewicz

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