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Journal Finder & Compliance Checker

The ChronosHub Journal Finder (JF) includes about 45.000 journals. Authors can indicate their source of funding and search and filter the journals based on subject categories, publishers and many other criteria. The JF flags which journals offer a compliant route and which don’t, and can show APCs per journal and for the branded JF any publisher agreement conditions, including vouchers, discounts, etc.

Compliance Management & Cost Minimization

ChronosHub collects article data upon acceptance from all (or if desired only selected) publishers and checks any defined conditions seen to funder policies and the institution’s own policies and agreements and ensures these are complied with. ChronosHub ensures that the costs are minimized in that the funder and/or another institution picks up the bill if applicable, that the green OA route is taken rather than paying for hybrid, and that any publisher agreements (discounts, RAP quotas, etc.) are applied.

APC Processing & Approval Dashboard

Invoices are received from all or selected publishers and make payments on behalf of your institution. Administrators can use the Approval Dashboard to release invoices for payment or account articles as part of RAP quotas.

Data & Reporting

Administrators have full access to reports on accepted and published articles, along with their invoices, licenses, funding, publishers, journals, org units, etc. to monitor OA agreements, payments and outputs across all associated dimensions. Access can be retrieved through the ChronosHub API and can make integrations with any desired systems.

Repository Deposit & Green OA Management

Integrate with your institutional repository

ChronosHub can systematically collect the right full text version from publishers and authors and automatically deposit it into the university’s Institutional Repository.

What others say about us

At the University of Lausanne, we strive to support our researchers by streamlining and simplifying Open Access processes. Our ultimate goal is to make Open Access publishing so simple that administrative issues would no longer play a role in it. We want to give our researchers the possibility to focus on their research, and managing Open Access with ChronosHub should help us achieve just that.

Dr. Micaela Crespo Quesada, Open Access Coordinator at the University of Lausanne

We are very pleased to be part of this pilot with ChronosHub. Our research staff already have a high number of rules they have to remember in their daily work and increasing focus on Open Access requirements from funding bodies adds to these demands. As such, we certainly hope that the collaboration with ChronosHub will provide our researchers with an efficient method for checking which journals are the best match in relation to their results and the stipulations of the organizations funding their projects, thus making their lives easier.

Inge-Sofie Sørensen, Head of Research & Innovation, at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen

ChronosHub – For Universities

Navigating the Challenges in the transition to Open Access

The video highlights the key challenges universities are facing in their efforts to transition to Open Access. Watch it to learn more about how other universities are benefitting from our software, which aims to unburden researchers and ensure an optimal author experience along the end-to-end publishing workflow.


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