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How can ChronosHub benefit you as a funder?

ChronosHub guides your grantees to stay compliant with your policy, streamlines APC management, and can manage all payments of open access fees on behalf of you as a research funder. It’s easy to monitor compliance with your policy and access reports, open access metrics, and data on your grant outputs.

As a funder, you can make your policy and funding eligibility criteria clear and transparent to your grantees through ChronosHub’s Journal Finder already before manuscript submission.

Upon article acceptance, ChronosHub collects each article coming out of your grant funding directly from publishers and grantees and automatically checks the article for compliance with your policy and funding eligibility. ChronosHub streamlines the funding approval process as you can auto-approve articles that fulfill given criteria and only approve or reject articles in the grey zone.

Upon approval, ChronosHub takes care of all your APC payments. You can also see continuously up-to-date reports on all outputs and payments – for instance, for each of your grants at any given time, without having to ask your grantees for a report.

Journal Guide & Compliance Checker  

The ChronosHub Journal Guide (JG) includes about 45,000 journals. Authors can see for each journal what the compliant publishing options look like seen to their policy, and search and filter the journals based on subject categories, publishers, and many other criteria. The JG integrates data on APCs, publisher agreements, publishing options, and a lot of other journal information directly from publishers as well as Sherpa, DOAJ, and other sources. The JG can display its own results or, for cOAlition S funders, alternatively display the results from the Plan S Journal Checker Tool.

Compliance Management

ChronosHub collects article data upon acceptance from across all publishers and checks any defined conditions seen to funder policies and ensures that these are complied with. ChronosHub ensures that the costs are minimized in that the funder and/or another institution picks up the bill if applicable, that the green open access route is taken rather than paying for hybrid, and that any publisher agreements are applied.

APC Processing & Approval Dashboard

Invoices are received directly from publishers and the grantees from systems or via email. ChronosHub offers a game-changing technology to allow grantees to simply forward any invoices per email. These are automatically scanned and the data is structured in ChronosHub for automating the different funding eligibility checks. Your administrators can use the Approval Dashboard to release invoices for payment or set approvals to be done automatically if given criteria are met. ChronosHub administrates the actual payment directly to the publisher or as reimbursement to the grantee by withdrawing money from your deposit account on the platform.

Data & Reporting

Administrators have full access to reports and can download enriched meta-data on accepted and published articles along with their invoices, licenses, funding, publishers, journals, org units, etc. to monitor open access agreements, payments, compliance, and outputs across all associated dimensions. You can also access all your data through the ChronosHub API and make integrations with any desired systems.

Repository Deposit & Green Open Access Management

To further facilitate for your grantees to stay compliant with your policy, you can offer them an automated deposit of their full text into Zenodo as a broad and general repository. ChronosHub can systematically collect the right full-text version from publishers and authors and, upon grantee confirmation, automatically deposit it.

How does ChronosHub make publishing easier for your grantees?

  • Authors can access a funder-branded Journal Finder, where they can browse, search, filter, sort, and compare more than 45,000 journals to find the right journal to publish in without worrying about compliance issues with the OA policy.
  • Authors save time when they submit their manuscript directly through ChronosHub to the journals that ChronosHub currently integrates with as they don’t have to register in the journals’ different submission systems and much of the submission form can be auto-populated.
  • Once the manuscript is accepted, authors can rest assured that it’s compliant with the OA policy and that all fees are taken care of.
  • Authors don’t have to spend time reporting back to you. ChronosHub takes care of it.
  • Invoices? Not the author's problem. They simply send it to us per email and we take care of the rest.

In summary, this is what ChronosHub facilitates

  • Ensuring policy compliance: A policy without checking for compliance has a very limited impact on people’s behavior. Therefore, funders that want to drive publishing towards OA channels do follow ups on the output of their grants. Through ChronosHub, funders can check and reinforce compliance with their OA policies and truly drive the publishing industry toward more and more Open Access.
  • Streamlining reporting on grant outputs: At any time, funders can see the outputs of their grant funding without requesting any additional reporting from the grantees. The grant outputs get collected directly from publishers, grantees, and online sources with minimal manual work and no need for grantees to learn a new system.
  • Automating funding eligibility checks and APC payments: Funders that pay the entire or a part of the APCs can use ChronosHub for automating eligibility checks and payments on their behalf.
  • Ensuring FAIR data: Through ChronosHub, funders can facilitate the submission process for their grantees and ensure data becomes FAIR upon inception. This includes support for research datasets and Data Management Plans (DMPs). ChronosHub typically integrates with your Grants Management System and can even offer you to issue and register Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) with CrossRef for all your grants.

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