About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize and transform research publishing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote open science and maximize automation to let researchers focus their time on research.

Our Approach

Our approach is to ensure ChronosHub meets the needs of the four key stakeholder groups in the research community: researchers, funders, institutions, and publishers.

Taking a researcher-centric approach, ChronosHub enables authors to select suitable journals for their manuscript submissions by making funding policies and institutional agreements transparent. Through a collaborative approach, ChronosHub streamlines the workflow for institutions, publishers and funders for an effective APC management, OA agreement monitoring, funding policy compliance, repository deposits and OA reporting.

Our Team

Please meet some of our customer facing team members.

Christian Grubak

CEO & Founder

Christian has 15+ years experience as CTO and investor in fintech companies, most notably with the e-commerce platform provider E-Supplies. Christian founded ChronosHub in 2017, and as tech savvy CEO he also leads the development teams at ChronosHub.

Email: cg@chronoshub.io

Camilla Ebbesen

Head of Customer Care

Camilla has 15+ years experience of customer service, and ensures all end-users and customers of ChronosHub stay happy. She leads the support team at ChronosHub in Copenhagen providing direct support to the authors, and ensures a smooth communication with the publishers.

Email: ce@chronoshub.io

Martin Jagerhorn

Head of Business Development

Martin has 20 years experience of business development for tech companies serving the research domain. E.g., he co-founded Avedas AG in 2004 (exited to Thomson Reuters in 2013). At ChronosHub, Martin establishes new collaborations with funders, institutions, publishers and sales & technology partners.

Email: mj@chronoshub.io

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