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ARMS 2022

Ready to learn more about our collaborative journey with University of Lausanne?
Our Head of Business Development, Martin Jagerhorn, will be presenting our case study 'Lessons Learned From University of Lausanne's 360-degree OA Strategy and Collaboration with ChronosHub' at ARMS Virtual Conference 2022 on the 9th of September at 2:20 p.m.
In the meantime, you can read more about our collaboration here.

This year’s ARMS conference theme embraces change and fosters discussions about what the future will look like and the changes in practice that are happening or need to happen to effectively support the research endeavour now and in the future. The theme includes four sub-themes that focus on the key aspects of an excellent and impactful research, science and innovation sector: Research Priorities, Research Funding Challenges & Opportunities, Research Workforce, and Research Infrastructure.


September 07, 2022 (Past Event)
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Head of Business Development at ChronosHub
Martin Jagerhorn

Martin leads our collaboration with institutions, publishers, research funders, and technology partners across the ecosystem engaged in scientific and academic publishing.

Martin Jagerhorn

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