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Liber 2023

We are delighted to announce our participation in Liber 2023, where our Head of Business Development, Martin Jagerhorn and Kaisa Kulkki, Information Specialist at Tampere University, will showcase our case study entitled "Open Access Management Challenges and Solutions in Finland". 

July 05, 2023 (Past Event)

1.3: A Case Study on Open Access Management Challenges and Solutions in Finland

Date & Time:

Wednesday 5th July – 14.30-16.00

Martin Jagerhorn, ChronosHub, Denmark
Kaisa Kulkki, Tampere University, Finland


Open Access is changing the research ecosystem as the ways of accessing, publishing and managing research results are transforming. This gives rise to new challenges, especially for researchers who must navigate the rapidly evolving landscape.

Research libraries in Finland met these challenges daily. Finnish researchers often felt overwhelmed. What does a CC-BY license mean, is this a predatory journal, how can I pay for this article?

As highly research-intensive institutions, committed to driving Open Science and Open Access, Finnish libraries needed a holistic solution for managing all types of Open Access. The solution needed, in particular, to ensure more seamless workflows for the researchers and ease the burden for library and research administrators to manually collect and validate data, to stop researchers from drowning in Excel spreadsheets and email communication. There was also the need for a solution to the enormous APC expenditure that came on top of subscriptions.

To address these challenges, a collaborative approach has been adopted, working jointly between universities and with international partners for a sustainable and scalable infrastructure. In this way, bridges are being built across different stakeholders by integrating systems and workflows, in particular between researchers and publishers, where applying the FAIR principles has become a prerequisite for automation. This has led to significant progress to establish a more effective management of APC expenditure (Gold OA), ensuring an up-to-date monitoring of OA agreements (Gold & Hybrid OA), automating repository deposits (Green OA) and guiding researchers through their end-to-end author journey.

This presentation will share the speakers’ learnings and identified best practices. It will also highlight important remaining challenges and recommended community actions, as it’s only if more of us come together that we’ll be able to overcome some of the systemic issues.


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Head of Business Development at ChronosHub
Martin Jagerhorn

Martin leads our collaboration with institutions, publishers, research funders, and technology partners across the ecosystem engaged in scientific and academic publishing.

Martin Jagerhorn

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