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Masterclass: How To Optimize OA Management

We’re very pleased to announce our very first masterclass for libraries!

August 29, 2023 (Past Event)

Yet another skill training resource, this time specifically for you, a librarian. Want to learn more about how you educate researchers in OA? We got you covered! Or maybe you’d like to pick up tools and tips on how to manage OA via a platform? In which case, this masterclass will walk you through how the ChronosHub platform supports this journey.  

There’s a few “need to know’s” before signing up:  

  1. This is for librarians only. You’ll need to fill out a form, and after doing so, we’ll provide you with a link.  
  2. Of course, you'll receive training material after the class, but we would love to be acknowledged for the hard work we put in. We operate under an open license.

Why is this important?

We all know that researchers don’t always understand all the complexities about OA. But let us tell you a little secret. They don’t have to. It’s all about simplifying the process and making sure they have the right information at the right time.  

And how do we know this? Trial and error. We’re an OA platform provider working with all stakeholders in the publishing process. We do our research, we gain insights, we learn, we host webinars, we share our knowledge and give back and learn even more. That’s how it goes.  

What's in it for me?

Time is an investment, we get it. So, we’ve carefully planned everything down to the last detail to make sure you’ll leave with valuable insights and learnings. Here’s a quick overview of the challenges we’ll cover: 

  • Supporting researchers in understanding OA including funder compliance. 
  • OA management for libraries, including APC management, agreement management and full-text deposits. 
  • Free ChronosHub online resources  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a leading university library or a smaller one without an APC fund. We’ll cover both scenarios. Sign up today and secure yourself a spot. We promise it’ll be worth it.  


Please note, this event will not be recorded. 


Head of Publisher Relations at ChronosHub
Romy Beard

Romy is specialized in the academic online publishing industry, with a focus on publisher relations. And she’s one of our key experts in Open Access publishing terms. 

Romy Beard

Customer Care Specialist & Ph.D. Student at ChronosHub
Laura Davidson

Laura has several years of experience working in Higher Education as both a lecturer and an administrator. There’s not a question she can’t answer about Open Access and our platform.

Laura Davidson

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