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Mission Polaris

We are thrilled to welcome you for the launch of Mission Polaris. This collaborative project has been months in the making, and we’re excited to celebrate its launch in the vibrant city of Copenhagen. We hope you enjoy your stay and take the opportunity to explore what our beautiful city has to offer. We'll update this page continuously. 

Dietary restrictions and family sign up
Event date Aug 06 - 08, 2024
Event duration 3 days
Event location Copenhagen, Denmark
Event price FREE

August 6-8

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10am-5pm Tuesday

  • 10AM Meet n' greet
  • 11:30AM Joint lunch at Holly 
  • 13:00PM PI Planning

9am-12am Wednesday

  • 9AM PI Planning
  • 11:45AM Lunch delivery
  • 12:15PM PI Planning
  • 1:15 PM Free time
  • 3:00PM Tour de Denmark
    (ChronosHub and ACS staff only)

    We will leave the office and head out for the first stop on "Tour de Denmark". The tour will include transport, sightseeing, snacks, and drinks, giving you a true taste of Danish culture and hospitality.
  • 6PM Dinner
    (ChronosHub and ACS staff only)

    We will have a light dinner in maritime surroundings. Enjoy fresh, local cuisine while taking in the beautiful waterfront views that Copenhagen is famous for.
  • 7PM Destination Party
    Get ready to be surrounded by water, lush greenery, a sea breeze in the air, and low beat funky grooves in the background. Get ready for, Green Island! We've booked a private area, where we can relax, dance, and enjoy a bite before heading home after sunset. 

    If you feel like it, it's possible to jump in the water, so bring your swimsuit. 

    Please note! It's important that you sign up any family member joining the party in the form below, as we'll each receive a wristband to gain access to the private area and enjoy the open bar, etc. *If you are considering bringing younger guests,  please be aware that the open bar is 18+ and there is direct access to the water. Guests under 18 are allowed. 

    Green Island
    Kalvebod Brygge 9, 1560 København

  • 12AM Go home
    Thank you for today and good night. We hope you had a fantastic time and enjoyed the launch celebration.

9am-5pm Thursday

  • 9AM Co-working space available
  • 12PM Rooftop Lunch
  • 1PM Co-working space available

Do you have dietary restrictions or is your family joining the party?

We ask everyone with dietary restrictions or family joining the party to complete the form so we can ensure there's enough fun (and an open bar) for everyone. 

Please note that afternoon activities are for ChronosHub and ACS staff only, but families are welcome to join us at the Destination Party at 7pm.

*If you are considering bringing younger guests,  please be aware that the open bar is 18+ and there is direct access to the water. However, underage guests are allowed at the bar as long as they do not consume alcohol.

Party planning committee

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