It won’t be long before dinner is roasting in the oven and presents are being opened, spreading joy all over the world. This festive holiday season feels like the right time to share our appreciation, gratitude, and warmest thanks to all employees, partners, members, and future collaborators.

Reflecting on the year, we’ve been working hard to reach our goals and expand our business. Together, we’ve welcomed our first publishers, improved our existing members’ experience, shared our knowledge with the community at more conferences and online forums than ever before, and launched our proudest accomplishment yet, the community-driven initiative, ChronosHub Journal Finder.

With all the guidance and support 2020 has given us, we’re fortunate to have all we can possibly want. Instead of exchanging presents, we’ve decided to focus on a common goal and help those who have not.

On behalf of all members, we’ve donated to advance Open Access in the Global South.

“We’re very thankful for this donation from the ChronosHub team,” says EIFL’s director Rima Kupryte. “It  will help with the support of the growth of making research openly available in the world.”

The donation to EIFL will help overcome barriers that researchers in the Global South face trying to access and share research that can improve people’s lives. It will help:

–         To increase the amount of research that is freely available online

–         To make research from the Global South visible

–         To grow the open access movement through advocacy

–         To create a world in which research is truly global by democratizing scholarly communication

Thousands of people first hear about open access through EIFL’s work.

We look forward to seeing you in the new year and wishing you all full bellies and happy hearts.

Christian Grubak, CEO

Chronos Hub