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HighWire x ChronosHub: A 2021 OA Week

During OA Week 2021, ChronosHub’s Head of Business Development, Martin Jagerhorn, was invited to an OA session alongside Shelley Allen, Head of Open Research at Emerald Publishing. The SVP of Product Management at HighWire, Tony Alves, hosted the session, which covered simplifying the author’s experience and minimizing their exposure to compliance risks and payment tasks.

Event duration November 12, 2021
Event location Copenhagen

The session started with individual presentations where Martin Jagerhorn highlighted key takeaways from some of ChronosHub’s collaborations, including best practices and possible ways of better navigating the complexities of Open Access – jointly. There’s no silver bullet, but there’s a lot of experience in the research community that shows bits and pieces of best practices from which we can all learn.

Shelley Allen from Emerald Publishing added a different dimension to the session by taking a publisher-centric view of navigating OA complexities in the research community – agreeing that the author experience should, indeed, always come first. If we keep initiating dialogues with our researchers, we can create a better system that is more supportive and collaborative.

The session wrapped up with a discussion that focused on what might be missing in the research community right now. Also, a look toward some of the pain points that we all need to focus on if we want to diminish barriers and complexities and find good solutions to ease the research experience for the authors.


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