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How fast can we join ChronosHub?

It is probably no surprise that every organization we engage with asks us this question: How fast can we be up and running on ChronosHub?  

Event duration February 22, 2023
Event location Copenhagen, Denmark

Up and running in a matter of minutes

The big secret is that onboarding can take just a few minutes, but it all depends on what kind of problems you’d like to get solved. ChronosHub streamline open-access management for publishers, institutions, and research funders. In our experience, everyone is unique, and we love this. It means we can adapt our onboarding framework to meet your needs. When we embark on the onboarding journey together, we aim to have you live on the platform as soon as possible.

Why do we use an onboarding framework?

For us, the onboarding process is the most critical activity to secure success for everyone involved. Over the years, we’ve developed our own ChronosHub Customer Onboarding Framework, which is a shared and structured approach between us, our business partners, and our customers. The best part is that you will receive a friendly and comprehensive approach throughout the process.

You might remember that not so long ago, customer onboarding was about selling software, signing the contract, and installing the software. Today software-as-a-service and multisided platforms have changed that approach for the better. We recognize the importance of engaging with the entire process: from the start of the collaboration to when the users like author and admin staff are actively using the platform.  

Onboarding and beyond

Our onboarding ensures you know how our platform works, but it’s also about making sure that everyone in your organization fully understands what kind of value we can jointly deliver. Before onboarding, we dedicate time to understand your requirements, map an overview of the workflow, and engage with the integration partners you depend on to get a complete end-to-end flow. 

Once you’re live on ChronosHub, we will continue to support you and your team. Everyone in your organization will get the most out of the platform. This is because our collaboration continues beyond the onboarding process, to jointly identify new features, services, and offerings that will align with your ambitions.

Let’s start at the very beginning

You and your organization are at the heart of our onboarding process. This is why we start onboarding activities before we enter the collaboration. We put a lot of emphasis on the interaction points before we deliver a proposal. We do this for the following reasons: 

Your business 

Our priority is to understand your business. We want to identify your pain points, challenges, and, equally important, your dreams! From this we will start to scope out the requirements we can deliver together. 

Our platform 

After this we take time to fully understand how we can deliver on your requirements. We’d like to know as much as possible up front so we can guide you to be a better partner if needed, and this is all before we engage in the onboarding process! 

Your organization, people, and culture 

Finally, we invest in these activities because we genuinely want to get to know your organization, people, and culture. These insights are invaluable. They help us to fully understand what kind of change management and training needs you may have. We want to make sure that will not be a burden on top of everything else your people have to manage.

Putting mindfulness at the center of what we do

We use mindfulness to allow time for reflection throughout the process. Let’s give you a quick rundown of the four guiding principles we use: 

  1. Moving from dialogue and dreams to actions 
  2. Impactful functionality and future possibilities  
  3. Being open and engaged 
  4. Progress is slightly better than perfection. 

We’re not perfect, but we try to be mindful of the typical mistakes we’ve made and what we have learned from our friends, business partners, and previous onboarding activities.

Marianne Knudsen, Co-CEO, ChronosHub

1. Moving from dialogue and dreams to actions

This is the exciting part! Every member of the team at ChronosHub has a set of capabilities, experience, and talent. And we recognize that’s the same for our business partners and customers. Therefore, we start with a handover session from the sales team to the onboarding team.  

During this session, we’ll support you through a similar transition on your side by getting to know the people involved in the onboarding activities. To make sure everyone understands why you joined ChronosHub, we will take everyone through the objectives, and the activities we both expect to deliver.  

2. Impactful functionality and future possibilities 

It’s easy to get carried away with the dream of a better future. We’ll do our utmost to balance dialogues about the future possibilities on our platform with the need for impactful functionality today. We tailor our onboarding and training material to meet your needs. But we can’t succeed on our own; we need your engagement to ensure the anchoring of the functionality and workflows in your organization. That’s how we’ll jointly deliver time-to-value = the time it’ll take you to harvest the benefits from joining ChronosHub. 

3. Being open and engaged

We love what we’re doing, and there is a risk that we’ll talk a-lot about it. To mitigate that, we will throw lots of activities, information, and material at you, and we  will do whatever we can to stop and listen.

Don’t be shy - it’s vital that you actively engage with us and share what’s on your mind. We recognize that not everyone will be able to articulate their concerns, so we’ll rely on different tools like stakeholder analysis, risk assessments, and regular touchpoints to gauge the temperature. Together we can make sure those unspoken problems are brought to the surface for resolution. 

4. Progress is slightly better than perfection

We recognize that perfectionism is an important skill. Still, its pursuit can quickly get in the way of progress and delay the expected results, return on investment, and delivery of the agreed expectations.  

Therefore, our objective is to deliver the operationality of the most critical components, processes, and integrations, to get you up and running as fast as possible. The alignment of milestones and deliverables is an integral part of our initial phase. Rest assured, activation and go-live is defined by your goals. 


If you can say yes to one of the following questions, ChronosHub might be something for you: 


  • Are you looking for ways to improve the open access publishing journey for your authors? 
  •  Are you looking for end-to-end and seamless workflow for your authors? 
  • Are you ready to push your author experience to the next level while harvesting the benefits from you current investments in legacy systems? 


  • Do you want to remove the administrative burden of open access publishing for your researchers?  
  • Do you want to free up time for your admin staff so they can interact more with researchers? 
  • Do you want to leverage the publishing agreements you already have in place? 

Research Funders 

  • Have you experienced an increase in demand for open access funding from grantees? And would you like to optimize both your team’s time and your funding? 
  • Has open access increased pressure on both your team and funding?  
  • Would you like to think of new ways to optimize your team’s time and your funding? 

Want to learn more?

Head of Business Development at ChronosHub
Martin Jagerhorn

Martin Jagerhorn

Martin leads our collaboration with institutions, publishers, research funders, and technology partners across the ecosystem engaged in scientific and academic publishing.

Head of Publisher Relations at ChronosHub
Romy Beard

Romy Beard

Romy is specialized in the academic online publishing industry, with a focus on publisher relations. And she’s one of our key experts in Open Access publishing terms. 

Founder & Co-CEO at ChronosHub
Christian Grubak

Christian Grubak

Christian founded ChronosHub in 2017 to deliver innovative technology and business solutions to support the scientific and academic publishing community. 

Co-CEO at ChronosHub
Marianne K. Knudsen

Marianne K. Knudsen

Marianne joined ChronosHub to help drive a customer centric approach and culture, and support with unique solutions in the scientific and academic publishing community. 

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