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Taking risks, freedom, and innovation

Our head of Publisher Relations, Romy Beard, was recently invited to give a more personal presentation at Digital Science's event at London Book Fair.

Event duration April 26, 2023

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It’s true - ChronosHub is running for the hills! You know our Head of Publisher Relations, Romy Beard, from our popular webinar series, and you’ll agree she’s a next level open access expert. But we’ve been keeping a not-so-big secret about Romy. She’s a keen hill runner who can be found whizzing up and down the mountain peaks of Scotland. So, we were very excited when Romy was invited to give a presentation about her other passion at Digital Science’s A Shift in Focus event on the eve of the London Book Fair. 

The gathered audience were treated to an inspiring introduction to the sense of freedom that hill running gives. Hill runners pride themselves on their agility, traversing the hills in featherweight gear, equipped with the ability to change course when an obstacle comes up. Romy talked through how she plans a route, assessing as much data as possible to find ways to connect distant peaks that don’t have an obvious path between them. On the road less travelled there are challenges and risks, but also huge rewards for those adventurous enough to take the plunge and power on. Not unlike startup life! 

Watch Romy’s motivating talk below and start planning your own path between mountains. 

It’s the startup spirit that I really enjoy. At the moment at ChronosHub we have a really positive team. Someone has an idea to do something, we discuss it, we try to get together, and try to make it work. It’s a real can-do attitude!

Romy Beard, ChronosHub

Head of Publisher Relations at ChronosHub
Romy Beard

Romy is specialized in the academic online publishing industry, with a focus on publisher relations. And she’s one of our key experts in Open Access publishing terms. 

Romy Beard

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