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ChronosHub APC Processing Through Editorial Manager

We've created a visual walkthrough of how the Editorial Manager integration can support the author throughout the submission process by making APC estimate, billing, and collection easy.

Event duration April 21, 2022
Event location Copenhagen

In March, ChronosHub announced the extension of our current partnership with Aries Systems. The partnership offers a seamless APC billing and collection option designed to serve publishers, institutions, and funders using Aries’ Editorial Manager® (EM). This joint APC management solution fully integrates with editorial and production workflows, thereby accelerating publishers’ time to market, improving the author experience, and minimizing the operational costs associated with managing author fees.

Powered by ChronosHub, where the APC pricing, Read & Publish agreements, discounts, and waivers are held, options will be presented to authors directly within EM, providing clear price transparency and the ability to accept a quotation upon initial manuscript submission.

To contextualize and clarify the flow, the manuscript submission process is explained and visualized below.

Upon choosing a journal in the ChronosHub Journal Finder, the author is brought to the manuscript submission page through the Editorial Manager integration. To begin the submission, the author is guided smoothly through the first step which involves simply putting in all relevant information about the manuscript – this includes article type, title, abstract, affiliated authors, and funding information.

The author can choose to publish the manuscript Open Access. A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ indication is sufficient. The author can click to get an instant overview of the chosen publishing option and see the selected license and an estimate for the APC.

In certain cases, the author might be eligible for a waiver as part of an agreement and the system will automatically inform the author of this. The author can then either accept the waiver or choose a different option. If the author accepts, the APC will be covered, and the publishing option will be updated immediately with the APC removed.


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