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Extended Feature: Automated OA Agreement Monitoring

We’ve now implemented tracking of all institutional agreements!

Event duration November 16, 2021
Event location Copenhagen

As part of the ChronosHub solution, we interpret and clarify the researcher’s rights as an author and report back to the institution and funder. With a tracking system, we offer better author guidance by looking into whether the agreement in place is used or not.  

Also, we can help ensure that the researcher is taking full advantage of the agreements. For instance, does an agreement include any vouchers that could benefit the researcher? Are there any other important details about an agreement that could potentially help the process along?  

Whether you’re a publisher, institution, or funder, this means that we’ve extended the support for monitoring your OA agreements. You can include all your agreements regardless of model (Read & Publish, APC discounts, etc.), and when an article enters the platform, it automatically gets associated with the right agreement. To enable a proper monitoring, the agreement information has now been included in both the Article Report and the dynamic Insights Advanced where filtering on the agreements can be combined with organizations, funders, journals, and time periods.  

Specifically for publishers, there’s also a dedicated report for monitoring the articles accepted and rejected as part of agreements with quick overviews per consortium with drill-down possibilities to see and download the article details per consortium member and institution. Publishers can also offer these reports as a self-service to their customers.



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