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New Feature: Automated Invoice Scanning

Big things are happening!

As of April 1, 2022, we’ll be lifting the veil on a brand-new feature: Automated Invoice Scanning.

Event duration February 16, 2022
Event location Copenhagen

Traditionally, researchers had to submit publisher invoices by email or forms, prompting them to insert information, readily available or not. The process of manually ensuring correct information caused a lot of unnecessary email exchanges for both administrators and researchers. Ultimately, this could result in the researcher not getting funded as well as the institutions and funders being left with incomplete data.

Automated Invoice Scanning offers an easy way of sourcing invoices to central funds or tracking purposes for institutions and funders. By leveraging AI to process data, Automated Invoice Scanning ensures that the right data is made available to fund managers and administrators. Institutions and funders can also influence the data requirements and adapt it to their specific policy and data collection strategy.

Furthermore, from our experience, real time conversational flows dramatically increase the chance of retrieving all necessary data early in the process and reduce retrospective data collection for institutions and funders. For that reason, we’ll now be making it possible to communicate with the researchers in real time to help ensure that all data requirements are met before a submission.

Researchers can also assess funding eligibility which will eliminate the risk of not getting funded. Additionally, they can add their manuscript PDFs for scanning which can help further reduce data entry requirements and lead to a potential deposit in the institutional repository.

With this new feature, we look forward to being able to help ease the administrative burden for both the researcher and any support staff!


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