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New Feature: Is Your Publication Fee Eligible for Payment?

We have heard your feedback and are thrilled to announce a new feature on the ChronosHub Journal Finder: A short text by each individual journal tells you whether the publication fee is covered by your funder(s).


Event duration October 13, 2021
Event location Copenhagen

We continuously seek to make your research publishing process easier to navigate by creating even more transparency on our platform. Last month, we announced the ‘Why is this compliant’ feature on the Journal Finder, enabling you to know exactly why a selected journal is compliant with your funders’ policies in just one click. However, a compliant journal doesn’t necessarily equate to publication fees being covered by funders.

That is why we’ve now added a short text by each individual journal that will tell you whether the publication fee is eligible for payment by your funders or not.

Whether the fee is eligible for payment or not is based on the type of journal you have selected and the information we have gathered on the journal. We’ve listed the five different payment texts you might encounter on the Journal Finder down below.







A payment text will not be displayed if the publisher in question has institutional or national agreements. If this is the case, a text similar to the one down below will appear instead.


All funders and institutions at ChronosHub have already had this new feature implemented on their platform.

The payment texts shown in the screen shots are specific to the SNSF. The texts will vary from client to client.



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