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Updated Feature: New Approval Dashboard

We introduce approval flows! 

Event duration November 16, 2021
Event location Copenhagen

Now, it’s possible for institutions and funders to configure the eligibility criteria for funding APCs or approving articles as part of OA agreements. The new and completely revised approval dashboard provides a direct traffic-light visual overview of the status for each eligibility criteria. This makes the decision to approve, reject, or conditionally approve the article for payment quick and easy. You can streamline the communication between the different stakeholders involved in the process, such as between the authors and the library or research office colleagues, or between the organization and ChronosHub’s customer care team. The approvals can also be automated. The institution or funder can define both hard and soft criteria, and when the hard criteria are fulfilled, those articles can directly be cleared for payment. Furthermore, the approval functionality is supported over ChronosHub’s API and can be used, for instance, to automate the approval process towards publishers that offer an API at their end directly or via the OA Switchboard. 

Ultimately, approval flows will help strengthen automation of payments and minimize the current workload of having to process every payment manually – a valuable step toward greater efficiency!  


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