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ChronosHub Launches ChronosClub: A User Group for Stakeholders in the Research Ecosystem

We are excited to announce our new, collaborative initiative to better navigate the complexities of Open Access, with the launch of our very own user group ChronosClub

Event duration October 25, 2021
Event location Copenhagen

Happy Open Access Week!

The challenges of 2020, in light of the pandemic, highlight the urgency of increased collaboration and faster transformation to digital and Open Access across the research ecosystem. “This transformation, combined with an accelerating uptake of ChronosHub, drives us to further strengthen our collaborative approach to meet our stakeholders' evolving realities. By facilitating a ChronosHub user group, our users and partners can learn more directly from each other, and we can also better learn and identify best-practices from across our user base. In this way, we can leverage their valuable insights for the continuous development of ChronosHub and ensure our platform enables the broader community to benefit from the industry best-practices in Open Access management”, says Martin Jagerhorn, our Head of Business Development.

Breaking down barriers and building bridges 

ChronosClub is open for all our clients and partners, which consists of the stakeholder groups institutions, publishers, funders, technology partners and sales partners. We will discuss everything from developing OA management strategies to hands-on ways for optimizing APC management, efficiently monitoring OA agreements and how to jointly streamline cross-organizational workflows. This open and collaborative approach serves to build relations directly between the different stakeholders and hopefully accelerate the building of bridges and breaking down barriers, where we can share both general and specific approaches, and combine global trends with the local context.  

ChronosClub will kick off with a virtual meeting in December 2021, followed by a hybrid meeting in Copenhagen in May 2022. ChronosClub will also have its dedicated Slack channel, to enable everyone in the user group to easily and at any time have a direct exchange with each other.  

Open Access for all 

Our mission to promote Open Access is embedded in our belief that knowledge should be open for all. This means that we will ensure that everyone can benefit from our knowledge, even without being a user or partner, by sharing our valuable insights on our blog. To gain these insights and stay up to date on the latest around Open Access management, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

About ChronosHub

Headquartered in Copenhagen, ChronosHub is a leading platform for streamlining the publishing workflow with a focus on unburdening the researchers. Through a collaborative approach, ChronosHub ensures a complete service for all aspects of Open Access, including effective management of publication fees, all types of OA agreements, funder policy compliance, data integrations, and reporting for publishers, funders, and institutions. ChronosHub also supports authors in selecting suitable journals for their manuscript submissions by making funding policies and institutional agreements transparent.


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