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ChronosHub Launches Publisher Advisory Board 

Event duration December 07, 2023
Event location Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark – Since its inception, ChronosHub has actively engaged with publishers, addressing their concerns and challenges within the article workflow. Many of the platform's developments have evolved from these ongoing discussions – and still do. Today, ChronosHub officially announces the launch of its Publisher Advisory Board, reinforcing its commitment to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of publishers. 

The newly established Advisory Board aims to provide a secure space for publishers to convene, share feedback, and discuss upcoming developments. The primary objective is to ensure that ChronosHub's ambitions and planned advancements align seamlessly with the needs of the publishing community. 

Comprising a select group of publishers representing various sizes, the Advisory Board includes both customers and non-customers of the ChronosHub platform. Christian Grubak, founder and Co-CEO of ChronosHub, emphasizes the platform's flexibility, stating, "The ChronosHub platform is not just an 'out-of-the-box' solution but offers a lot of configuration options, and the goal is to continue building with different parameters in mind." 

Romy Beard, Head of Publisher Relations at ChronosHub, will manage the Board and has expressed her excitement about getting started. "It's great to receive input and feedback from individual publishers, but I can't wait to get everyone together and have group discussions. I don't know how many times I have said in conversations 'You should speak to such-and-such, they're having similar issues'. Now I get to facilitate that discussion – this is what I love about working in the scholarly publishing community!"    

A list of current board members is available here. Participation in the Advisory Board is by invitation only. Publishers interested in joining the Board are encouraged to contact Romy Beard at for more information. 

About ChronosHub

Headquartered in Copenhagen, ChronosHub is an online platform meeting the needs of all stakeholders in the research community: publishers, institutions, funders, and researchers. ChronosHub supports authors to select suitable journals for their manuscript submissions by making funding policies and institutional agreements transparent. ChronosHub streamlines the publishing workflow for publishers, institutions, and funders for effective APC management, funding policy compliance, automated repository deposits, and OA reporting. 


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