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ChronosHub Partnering with Microsoft

Event duration March 17, 2022
Event location Copenhagen

March 17, 2022 | Copenhagen, DK

ChronosHub migrates to Microsoft Azure, entering a strategic partnership that’ll help strengthen ChronosHub’s technical expertise and expand business capabilities!

“It has been an easy choice to migrate our ChronosHub to Microsoft Azure as we’re strengthening our technology to make our platform meet the high demand and make it future proof. The migration puts us in a position where we can integrate deeper into the research publishing ecosystem”, says Snorri Valberg, Lead Architect and Head of Backend at ChronosHub.

Cloud computing is the future of business, and the migration to Microsoft Azure is another step toward leveraging cloud-based services to offload data and resources. As such, by utilizing Microsoft Azure’s effective cloud computing platform, ChronosHub will gain access to various tools and frameworks that’ll contribute to more flexible and efficient management of workflows.


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