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Extended Partnership with the SNSF

ChronosHub has been conducting a pilot project with the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) since 2021 which aims to simplify the financing of freely accessible publications. Given the positive evaluation, the cooperation is being extended!

Event duration September 09, 2022
Event location Copenhagen, Denmark
Press Release

Pressure taken off researchers – added value for the SNSF

ChronosHub and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) continue and expand collaboration moving from successful pilot to long-term full operational use to unburden researchers.  

Nine months after the launch of the pilot project, the cooperation was evaluated. The gratifying result based on over 1000 publications: settlement of fees via ChronosHub is considerably simpler, thus reducing the workload for researchers. Moreover, it is an uncomplicated way for them to obtain an overview of the OA offering of the various scientific journals. In that way, they can quickly find out how a journal enables them to meet the SNSF's requirements. What's more, researchers can use the data from ChronosHub for their reporting to the SNSF or to their university. Last but not least, ChronosHub checks the metadata in the article and ascertains whether the funding provided has been mentioned in accordance with the rules. That helps to improve data quality and visibility.


Read the full press release here.

The aim if possible is for all results originating from SNSF-funded research to be freely accessible. The easier we make OA publication for researchers, the closer we'll get to that target. And ChronosHub is helping us a long way in that direction.

Matthias Egger, President of the National Research Council.

Swiss National Science Foundation

Based on a government mandate, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports scientific research in all academic disciplines – from physics to medicine to sociology.

At the end of 2021, the SNSF was funding 5700 projects involving more than 20,000 researchers, which makes it the leading Swiss institution for promoting scientific research.


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Christian Grubak

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Marianne K. Knudsen

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