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Integration Update: ChronosHub Simplifies Process for Authors Submitting to Journals Using EJPress

Authors can now easily submit manuscripts directly to journals using EJPress, an online manuscript submission and peer review system. The integration is part of ChronosHub’s continuous efforts to simplify the publishing processes for authors, institutions, publishers and funders. 

Event duration November 03, 2020
Event location Copenhagen

“We are pleased to add EJPress to the portfolio of manuscript submission systems and direct integrations with publishers that we offer authors, “says Christian Grubak, CEO & Founder of ChronosHub. “At this stage, EJPress will be available for all members of ChronosHub submitting to any of American Society of Microbiology’s journals, including household names like MBio & mSystems.”

EJPress (Patent #7,620,555B1) was developed by eJournalPress, which provides hand tailored software through continuous innovation and individualized customer support solutions in an effort to promote science and scholarly publishing.  

We encourage all publishers to contact ChronosHub or eJournalPress to request this integration to be switched on for all their journals in order to make their authors benefit from a more streamlined publishing process.

About ChronosHub

Headquartered in Copenhagen, ChronosHub is an online platform that meets the need of all stakeholders in the research community. ChronosHub supports authors to select suitable journals for their manuscript submissions by making funding policies and institutional agreements transparent. Through a collaborative approach, ChronosHub streamlines the workflow for publishers, funders and institutions for effective APC management, funding policy compliance, repository deposits and reporting with unique insights without the burden of costly administration.

About eJournalPress

eJournalPress is focused on providing web-based technology solutions for the scholarly publishing community. The company was initially founded as a software consulting service assisting companies in designing, programming, and deploying software and mission critical systems. In 1999 eJournalPress utilized this skill set to work with journals and publishers creating a new generation of web-based software tools “EJPress” to support manuscript submission, tracking, and peer review.

For more information, please contact:

To learn more about eJournalPress, click here.


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