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Open Access Landscape Survey: ChronosHub x MoreBrains

Link to survey

Calling everyone who cares about OA publishing models and workflows!

Do you think that charges associated with OA publishing are currently being managed across stakeholder groups in a transparent and trustworthy way? What changes would you like to see taking place in the system? Do we need community governance, new standards, or something else?

Event duration January 20, 2022
Event location Copenhagen

We're keen to know more about the OA Management landscape – and we want to know what you think!

In collaboration with MoreBrains, we've developed a survey aimed to create a shared understanding of the ways in which the transition to Open Access is taking place – all in support of institutions, publishers, and funders. We want to explore patterns of high-level trends and indicate topics for community development.

We appreciate a wide range of responses and would very much like to hear from you as well.

Fill out the survey by clicking the link above – it’ll only take 5-10 minutes of your time.

We’ll share the findings of the survey with the community to move the OA conversation forward!

Thank you!


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