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The Geological Society of London Goes Live on ChronosHub

Event duration December 20, 2023
Event location Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark– After signing with ChronosHub in August, the Geological Society of London has now gone live on the platform with post-acceptance processing for its journals and book series in the Lyell Collection.   

After acceptance, Geological Society authors will visit the custom environment on the ChronosHub platform, where they can make their final publishing decision, sign their license, and pay processing charges. The platform automatically recognizes authors who are affiliated with institutions where the society has an agreement in place and no charges should apply.   

The onboarding of the Geological Society started with creating a custom-branded environment on the ChronosHub platform, followed by the set-up of the society’s journal and book information and metadata. The society staff set up agreement information and automated discounts and waivers using the ChronosHub Agreement Manager.   

The onboarding also included integrating the society’s peer review system, EditorialManager, to receive relevant metadata about accepted manuscripts, allowing ChronosHub to start processing.  

“We have done a few integrations with EditorialManager for existing publisher customers now, and they’re all slightly different,” says Christian Grubak, founder and co-CEO of ChronosHub. “Each publisher uses custom metadata fields slightly differently, so there’s always some tweaking to get the integration just right. Making sure that different sources talk to each other correctly is the trickiest part of what we do.”  

“The platform looks great, and we’re excited to have our authors presented with a more positive experience to make their publishing choice, sign their license, and manage charges,” says Maggie Simmons, Director of Publishing at The Geological Society. “And we’re looking forward to giving our institutional and consortia customers easy on-demand access to reports about publishing output from their authors and the ability to monitor agreement uptake.”  

About the Geological Society of London 

The Geological Society of London is a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity. Founded in 1807, they are the oldest geological society in the world. Today, they are a world-leading communicator of Earth science – through scholarly publishing, library and information services, cutting-edge scientific conferences, education activities and outreach to the general public. They also provide impartial scientific information and evidence to support policy-making and public debate about the challenges facing humanity.  The society's aims are to improve knowledge and understanding of the Earth, to promote Earth science education and awareness, and to promote professional excellence and ethical standards in the work of Earth scientists, for the public good. 

About ChronosHub 

Headquartered in Copenhagen, ChronosHub is an online platform meeting the needs of all stakeholders in the research community: publishers, institutions, funders, and researchers. ChronosHub supports authors to select suitable journals for their manuscript submissions by making funding policies and institutional agreements transparent. ChronosHub streamlines the publishing workflow for publishers, institutions, and funders for effective APC management, funding policy compliance, automated repository deposits, and OA reporting. 

For media inquiries or more information, please contact:

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Twitter: @ChronosHub


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