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Reporting on research output is essential to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of research, to improve communicating the value of research and to promote equitable access.

However, reporting on OA usage, publications, etc., is challenging. We've gathered a variety of resources aiming to improve the way research is measured, by showing what role it plays in wider society.


Tracking OA Usage

In this webinar, we looked at the complex topic of open access usage reporting through both a publisher and library perspective.
What metrics can be collected, and whether we should look at the data globally, or at an institutional level, possibly to evaluate affiliated institutions' APC payments or open access agreements.
Company Focus

Continuous access to data and reporting, for publishers and their customers

Publishers on ChronosHub get access to reports for monitoring outputs, payments and OA agreements. Dashboards provides all platform data, and it’s possible to run a variety of reports. Access can also be given to a publisher's customers, so they can view all of their affiliated research output with this publisher.  

Publisher services

Institutions - Get on top of your publisher agreements

Article metadata is ingested into the ChronosHub platform via different routes, providing institutions with a comprehensive overview of all their articles per agreement in one place. All data is directly available for reports and reuse. This puts the institution in the driver’s seat to manage quotas and negotiate better deals with publishers.


Institution services

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Head of Back-end Development & Lead Architect at ChronosHub
Snorri Valberg

Snorri is responsible for our end-to-endplatform development. He loves cloud computing, web services, and agile. His team delivers our unique and innovative solutions.

Snorri Valberg

Co-CEO at ChronosHub
Marianne K. Knudsen

Marianne joined ChronosHub to help drive a customer centric approach and culture, and support with unique solutions in the scientific and academic publishing community. 

Marianne K. Knudsen

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