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Journal search and list

You can get a tailored Journal Finder, where your researchers can browse, search, filter, sort, and compare more than 45,000 journals to find the right journal to publish in without worrying about compliance issues with your research funder’s policies.

We flag that along with information about publisher agreements, and cost of publication.

Agreement checker

The authors can easily check if there’s an agreement in place with a give publisher, which increases the use of existing agreements. 

It also enables the authors to check how a potential discount or voucher Is obtained before they submit their manuscripts.

Funder policy compliance

The authors can select a funder to see which journals offer a publishing route that's compliant with the funder’s policy.

Payment eligibility 

You can quickly check and see if you are eligible for funding of your APC, if you need to pay yourself, or if you are eligible for funding if you choose another publishing route.


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