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Logging into a publisher’s systems or platforms can be cumbersome, often requiring different accounts for different journals and across systems. The ChronosHub platform has a simplified registration and login process, supporting both passcode and password authentication, with one login for all journals across all interactions with a publisher – for both corresponding and co-authors! 


Profile creation without validation is a thing of the past – welcome to the ChronosHub experience where author profiles are immediately validated against known identifiers. This ensures that all transactions are based on clean data from the start, and less errors need to be corrected later in the process! What’s more, we support multiple affiliations.  

Authors can also add social media connections to jazz up their profile and manage notification preferences. That way, they can tell you how they wish to be notified, making the whole process personalized. Surely that’s a way to win brownie points! 

Verifying author’s email address domains against their affiliations and the location they are accessing from also helps reduce bad actors, such as submissions from papermills, getting in unnoticed.


Our author dashboard is where all the magic happens – all author interactions with your organisation can be visualized in one place, so that an author has a clear overview of all their manuscripts, whether they have just been submitted, are in the peer review process, or have a pending action such as signing a license or paying for author charges (if they’re the corresponding author).  

Journal Overview

Who doesn’t want an overview of all available journals in one place, easy to browse through, compare and favorite? Finding the perfect journal is just like Netflix – and all the metrics you want to make the best choice are displayed. Authors can even decide what metrics are most important to them and dismiss others! That allows them to compare selected journals side-by-side based on what’s important to them. 

This is only the beginning

We are committed to ongoing updates and developments. Currently, we are working on several exciting features, such as a journal recommender that provides personalized recommendations based on previous submissions, bookmarked journals, and specific criteria. It will also offer suggestions for journal selection by scanning manuscripts. For manuscript transfers, we are streamlining the process with easy steps from transfer offer to completion, including the transfer of data and attached files. Users will be able to perform side-by-side comparisons of recommended journals for transfer and start new submissions by reusing previous ones. Additionally, we are developing XML conversion to enhance the submission process.


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