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Karger Publishers: Using Integrations to Create a Seamless Author Experience

The partnership has enabled Karger Publishers to automate their publishing workflow and transform their operational processes, while delivering an outstanding author experience.


Delivering Outstanding Author Experience 

Karger Publishers, a leading publisher of over 100 scientific and medical journals, has partnered with ChronosHub, a platform that simplifies the management of open access publishing. The partnership has enabled Karger Publishers to automate their publishing workflow and transform their operational processes, while delivering an outstanding author experience.


Maximizing Integrations 

One of the key features of the ChronosHub platform is its ability to integrate with various systems and services that are already in use by publishers and authors. For Karger Publishers, this means a seamless experience from start to finish, with minimal manual intervention and maximum efficiency.

Great author experience starts at login. ChronosHub has an integration with MyKarger, the single login identity for all Karger’s services. Authors can login to ChronosHub, select a journal, submit, go through peer-review, sign a licence, and pay via card or invoice, all using their MyKarger credentials in ChronosHub. At the end of the process, the article is seamlessly passed over to production.

Peer-review is supported by an integration with Manuscript Manager, where the peer-review process takes place. ChronosHub uses recognition technology for agreement recognition and collects information on society membership discounts during the metadata exchange. If a discount is available, it is automatically applied when the author is ready to pay on the ChronosHub platform.

 ChronosHub has integrated with Karger’s finance system, allowing for automated invoicing and payment processing. Karger administrators have full visibility of their agreements, with all the data neatly collected in one place. This means that everyone in the publishing workflow has an improved overview.


Making the Most of Configurations for Publishers

Karger has made the most of ChronosHub’s ability to customize the workflow for publishers and authors, according to their specific needs and preferences. For Karger Publishers, this means a more transparent and accurate pricing and payment system, as well as a more convenient and user-friendly interface. Authors can now view a publication charge quotation on the ChronosHub platform after submission. This gives authors a better idea of the final costs earlier on in the process than previously.

“We have taken things one step further for Karger,” said Christian Grubak, founder and co-CEO of ChronosHub. “On the one hand there’s automated price calculation based on rules. On the other hand, we have created stand-alone discount codes for Karger that they can hand out to authors in need. These can also be given out for special events, like conferences, so they can be traced back to an event or campaign.”

As part of the solution Karger’s institutional and consortia customers have free access to the ChronosHub platform and they can run a variety of reports, such as:

  • An article report that shows all articles published in Karger journals by affiliated corresponding authors.
  • An agreement report that lists all articles published via an agreement.
  • An approval dashboard for institutions that require an approval step, where administrators can approve articles.

Putting Authors First 

The launch of the platform for authors is fairly recent, but the results are already promising. The ChronosHub platform has improved the efficiency and transparency of the publishing workflow, while reducing the administrative burden and costs for Karger. More importantly, the ChronosHub platform has enhanced the author experience, by providing a smooth, simple, and satisfying journey from submission to publication.

If author questions do arise Karger administrators have the option to impersonate an author’s account to check everything is working as it should. 

“This is very helpful in providing author assistance, it means that we can see exactly what the author sees, and thereby help them resolve any issues quickly,” said Deborah Lautenschlager, Manager of Academic & Research Products, Karger Publishing. “Overall, we are very happy how ChronosHub has been so willing to personalize things for us!”

Karger Publishers and ChronosHub are committed to putting authors first and will continue to work together to improve and innovate the open access publishing landscape.


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