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Author Engagement Outside of the Publishing Process

Who are your authors, and when and how should publishers engage with them? In this webinar, we'll talk about how to better engage with authors outside of the publishing workflow to help create an author community and overall better engagement with your publishing brand.

We will hear from two publishers with interesting author experience initiatives that take publishing outside of the immediate publication process to create a sense of community. We'll also hear from an events platform about the role conferences and events, in general, can play here. Join us for an hour of discussions on keeping your community of authors engaged with your brand and delivering an outstanding author experience!

March 21, 2024 (Past Event)

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ChronosHub recently hosted a webinar titled "Author Engagement Outside of the Publishing Process." This insightful event delved into publishers' strategies and initiatives to foster a strong sense of community and enhance author engagement beyond the traditional publishing workflow. With presentations from industry experts and thought leaders, the webinar offered valuable insights into creating outstanding author experiences and building lasting relationships with authors. 

The webinar started with moderator Romy Beard, Head of Publisher Relations at ChronosHub, setting the stage for the discussion. The key focus is understanding who authors are and how publishers can effectively engage with them throughout their pre- and post-publishing journey. The panel comprised three distinguished speakers: Claire Moulton, Publisher at The Company of Biologists; Jennifer Regala, Director of Publications and Executive Editor at the American Urological Association; and Paul Killoran, Founder & CEO of Ex Ordo. 

Sharing her expertise, Claire Moulton highlighted the importance of going beyond the immediate publication process to foster a sense of community among authors. She presented intriguing author experience initiatives that have successfully created a strong bond between authors and their publishing brand. Claire emphasized: "By engaging authors in meaningful ways outside of the publication process, we establish a sense of community where authors feel valued and connected to our brand. This has led to increased author satisfaction and loyalty." This statement emphasizes the positive impact of cultivating a supportive author community that extends beyond publishing's transactional nature. 

Jennifer Regala emphasized the significance of author engagement as a means to cultivate a thriving author community. She shared heartwarming anecdotes where rejection letters were met with appreciation, demonstrating the power of respectful and considerate interactions with authors. Jennifer's "pink initiative" particularly stood out: "We introduced the 'pink initiative' to personalize our interactions with authors. Our rejection letters now include a handwritten note expressing genuine appreciation for their contribution. This small gesture has had a significant impact, fostering a sense of respect and acknowledging the efforts authors put into their work." 

This initiative highlighted the importance of treating authors with empathy and recognizing their dedication, even in challenging situations such as manuscript rejections. 

Paul Killoran, CEO at Ex Ordo, offered a unique perspective on leveraging conferences and events to enhance author engagement. He discussed the role of innovative event platforms in creating opportunities for authors to connect and collaborate, thereby strengthening their engagement with the publishing brand. Paul emphasized: "The smartest people in the world deserve exceptional software and experiences. By incorporating conferences and events into the author engagement strategy, publishers can provide authors with valuable networking opportunities, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration within the scholarly community." This statement emphasized the role of technology and events in facilitating meaningful interactions and enhancing the overall author experience. 

Throughout the webinar, the speakers underscored the value of providing exceptional author experiences, cultivating a supportive community, and maintaining strong relationships with authors. They emphasized the need to go beyond the traditional publishing process and engage authors at various stages of their journey, before and after publication. 

By embracing initiatives beyond the immediate publication workflow, publishers can create a vibrant author community and establish their brand as a trusted and supportive partner. The webinar concluded with a call to action, encouraging publishers to prioritize author engagement and deliver outstanding experiences that resonate with the scholarly community.

ChronosHub will publish a detailed blog addressing the questions and topics discussed in the webinar. To stay updated on the release of the blog post and future webinars and events, subscribe here.


Head of Publisher Relations at ChronosHub
Romy Beard

Romy Beard

Romy is specialized in the academic online publishing industry, with a focus on publisher relations. And she’s one of our key experts in Open Access publishing terms. 


Publisher at The Company of Biologists
Claire Moulton

Claire Moulton

Director of Publications/Executive Editor at American Urological Association
Jennifer Regala

Jennifer Regala
Scholarly publishing elder with over 20 years of experience especially interested in the author experience and community engagement. It's free to be nice and to comb your hair!

Founder & CEO at Ex Ordo
Paul Killoran

Paul Killoran
Paul founded Ex Ordo after getting frustrated with bad scholarly conference software. He believes the smartest people in the world deserve exceptional software.

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