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Author Experience

Join this webinar to learn more about the author’s experience when interacting with publishers.

March 02, 2023 (Past Event)

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Short summary

Last week, we hosted an insightful webinar on the author's experience when interacting with publishers. Romy Beard from ChronosHubled an expert panel consisting of John Challice from Hum and Colleen Scollans from Clarke & Esposito, leaving the audience with valuable insights. 

Colleen Scollans from C&E took the stage first, emphasizing the significance of author marketing and marketing technology. She explained how publishers that focus on author experience can be more profitable and how author experience is a subset of customer experience. Her insights were simply fascinating! 

Next up was our very own Head of Publisher Relations, Romy Beard. Romy talked about where platform experience fits in when it comes to author experience and how ChronosHub strives to make thejourney as smooth as possible for authors. She gave a sneak peek into the upcoming AI submission portal, and sharedhow ChronosHub measures customer satisfaction with NPS. 

John Challice from Hum, our final speaker, discussed the importance of customer data platforms (CDP). He introduced us to the core functionalities of this type of software, the data architecture of the Hum CDP, and how each component generates customer data. John also stressed the significance of highly defined segments when it comes to collecting data and how these create a better author experience. 

After the presentations, we had a lively discussion where we answered some thought-provoking questions from the audience. We covered the impact of GDPR and other privacy rules that have resulted in the customized cookie explosion, as well as the events that lead to submissions. You can check out the live recording to catch all the juicy details! 

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Head of Publisher Relations at ChronosHub
Romy Beard

Romy is specialized in the academic online publishing industry, with a focus on publisher relations. And she’s one of our key experts in Open Access publishing terms. 

Romy Beard


Practice Lead Marketing & Customer Experience at Clarke & Esposito
Colleen Scollans

Colleen Scollans leads Clarke & Esposito’s Marketing & Customer Experience Practice. She is a seasoned marketing, digital strategy, and customer experience leader.

Colleen Scollans

Senior Vice President of Business Development at Hum
John Challice

John's been in publishing (trade, higher ed, scholarly) since before you were born. He's excited about sharing what first-party data can do to help publishers serve all their stakeholders.

John Challice

What will we talk about?

With the rise of open access, the relationship between the publisher and the author has changed, and the author’s experience when interacting with publishers has become increasingly important. Author experience can be split into three areas of interaction: before and during submission, post-acceptance, and post-publication. Optimizing the process for authors both in terms of the content and the presentation of the interaction at the various stages being key and can be achieved both by internal streamlining and by making use of some external technological advances.

The webinar will include short presentations, including topics like marketing, technology and design, followed by an interactive discussion.


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