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Pre-print Posting and Open Access Publishing

In this webinar we will talk about what pre-prints are, where you can find them, and what value they can bring. Are pre-print servers used more widely in certain subjects, and why? And what impact does posting pre-prints have on an article's later publication, if any? And do we know if articles are more or less likely to be published open access if a pre-print was posted? Join us for an hour of short presentations and a lively discussion with panelists from across the research eco-system.

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Event date October 27, 2022
Event duration 3-4 p.m. CEST
Event location Online
Event price Free


Senior Product Manager at ChemRxiv
Ben Mudrak

Ben Mudrak

Professor of Sociology & Director at University of Maryland & SocArxiv
Philip Cohen

Philip Cohen

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