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How to Submit Your Manuscript

You’ve done your research, analyzed your data, and decided on a journal compliant with your funders’ and institution’s policies. In other words, you’re ready to hit submit and publish your results.

In ChronosHub, you can submit your manuscript directly to the majority of the 40,000 journals that the system currently covers. In case the publisher does not support easy submission through ChronosHub, you will be taken to the journal’s submission page.

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Are you still having trouble finding the right journal? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process here.


Follow these steps to submit a manuscript:

1. When you’ve found the right journal, you can begin the manuscript submission process by clicking submit.


img 1

2. Choose what kind of submission you want to use e.g. new manuscript submission.



3. Select the grant(s) that funded the research, enter the title of the article, add authors connected to this article, select the article type, select the main subject category(s), enter the subcategory(s), enter the running head, and enter the abstract of your manuscript into the text box.
If your grant does not appear on the list, you can add it manually by clicking the button.
Once you’ve entered all your information, you click save and preview draft.




4. Review your draft and hit submit article. If you need to make any changes, click on edit article.


img 5


5. To submit your article you must accept our terms and conditions. You accept by clicking submit article.


img 6

5. Congratulations! Your article has now been submitted.



If you have any questions throughout the submission process, please contact If you have policy-related questions, please contact your organization. 

Please note that the Journal Finder shown in this guide is customized and specific to the University of Copenhagen.


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