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ChronosHub Signs Expression of Interest to Support OA2020

ChronosHub has signed an expression of interest to support OA2020, a global initiative to propel open access forward.

ChronosHub is one of the first Danish companies to join the OA2020 international alliance to accelerate the large-scale implementation of open access to scholarly journals.

By signing the OA2020 Expression of Interest, Christian Grubak, CEO & Founder of ChronosHub, has pledged that ChronosHub will continue its effort to revolutionize research communication and transform the open access publishing process.

“We decided to sign the Expression of Interest to affirm our commitment and facilitate the worldwide movement toward open access to research results. ChronosHub supports all stakeholders within the research community, and we will continue to strive for open science and maximization of automation to let researchers focus their time on research and not on the publishing and reporting processes.”

Longstanding Commitment to Open Access

ChronosHub has a longstanding commitment to open access. In 2016, ChronosHub partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to encourage the adoption of the foundation’s Open Access Policy, reduce complexity, and minimize manual work. While initially built for the Gates Foundation, ChronosHub was designed to scale to the broader research community to simplify the implementation of publishing policies and address authors’ concerns about additional workload.

About ChronosHub

ChronosHub is a platform that facilitates Open Access publishing and removes administrative burdens by enabling a collaborative approach between researchers, institutions, publishers, and funders. It supports authors to select the most suitable journal for their manuscript submissions by making funders’ OA policies and institutional agreements transparent and then streamlines the workflow across publishers, funders, and institutions for an effective APC-management, OA policy compliance monitoring, and OA reporting.

Expression of Interest OA2020


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