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SNSF - User Guide

Find out more about how we support the SNSF in meeting their OA goals, read the recent press release and download the user guide here.

Event duration September 14, 2022
Event location Copenhagen, Denmark
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SNSF Grantee User Guide

Are you an SNSF grantee having a hard time figuring out who ChronosHub is and what we do? Or are you an admin desperately trying to help grantees? 

Don't worry, we've got you! We know getting used to a new process can be challenging, so we've put together a guide explaining it all. 

In the guide, you’ll learn more about:
  • ChronosHub
  • SNSF Policies
  • APC Funding Eligibility
  • How to use ChronosHub
  • An open access glossary & guide

We hope you find the guide useful!

Please feel free to add it to your LibGuide.

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