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My many years at a truly SDG driven company working with SDG-6 Clean Water and Sanitation, has proven to be valuable here at ChronosHub.

We acknowledge that addressing all the sustainable development challenges require a deep and collaborative approach across all science areas, technology, and innovation. It’s our ambition to provide the platform that brings the scientific and academic publishing community together.

We believe that’s fundamental and will enable us to play an active role in also promoting the SDGs. I’m pleased to see how this year’s OA week theme intentionally aligns with the recently released UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science , of which Open Access is a crucial component.

My ambition is to affirm ChronosHub's commitment and facilitation of the worldwide movement toward Open Access to research results.

Marianne Knudsen, Co-CEO at ChronosHub

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Oct 25, 2021 10AM CEST

We are excited to announce our new, collaborative initiative to better navigate the complexities of Open Access, with the launch of our very own user group ChronosClub.

ChronosClub is open for all our clients and partners, which consists of the stakeholder groups institutions, publishers, funders, technology partners and sales partners.

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Oct 26, 2021 10AM CEST

Happy second day of Open Access week!

Are you ready for another initiative? We sure are.

University of Copenhagen's public journal finder is ready for launch. This will make the research publishing a more enjoyable journey for authors.

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Oct 27, 2021 10AM CEST

ChronosHub supports the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.

In May 2021, UNESCO adopted a draft recommendation, and it will be put forward for adoption in November 2021. The objective is to bring science and scientific knowledge closer to citizens worldwide and thereby increase the impact of science.

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Oct 28, 2021 2PM CEST

As you may have heard, we hosted a webinar during Open Access Week,

where American Chemical Society, the Luxembourg National Research Fund,

and the University of Lausanne presented the latest on their open access activities,

from all angles of the research ecosystem, followed by an engaging panel discussion.

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Happy Open Access week!

It's Friday, and we can finally reveal our last initiative.

University of Lausanne's public journal finder is ready for launch. This will make the research publishing a more enjoyable journey for authors.

Want to know how and see their journal finder?

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